About Sporadic Rambling

Seriously, what the hell?

My name is Andy Kelly and I claim to be a web designer. Sporadic Rambling exists as a place for me to put my thoughts about gaming, films, design and anything else I feel like into words. On the off chance that some of my thoughts are actually interesting, I’ve decided to put them on the internet for all to see.

A Brief History

Many moons ago a group of friends (which included myself) decided that people needed a website that would act as an online magazine full of articles and resources on the topic of web design. “Like A List Apart,” we thought “Except more focused on design.” After about a year we gave up on the idea and then Smashing Magazine came along and did what we wanted to do, only much better. As such I was left with the domain name which we had decided to use for our magazine—designerpad.org—and instead of letting it go to waste, I used it as the name for my blog; where it ended up going to waste anyway.

At the time of creating this about page, my blog at designerpad.org had not been updated since 11th December, 2006. So after a year and a half of inactivity I decided to resurrect my blog under a new name.

About the “Author”

As stated previously my name is Andy Kelly. I am a 23 year old designer from Liverpool. I have just graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a BA (Hons) in Interactive Media Design.

I have what I like to call a “healthy obsession” with computer games and as such this is likely to be a major topic on this blog. I also enjoy watching a lot of films and listening to a lot of music so these subjects may also crop up from time to time.

Here are my profiles on some other websites which you may use: