It’s Alive!

A Short Introduction

A full year and a half after the last post on the old blog, I finally kicked my arse into gear and got round to creating my new blog. A few things have happened in the last year and a half that are worthy of some kind of mention. I dropped out of my Computer Science course at Loughborough University, I moved back up to Liverpool and I started a new Interactive Media degree course at Liverpool John Moores University.

A few of the things you can expect to see cropping up on this site are posts about gaming on the Xbox 360—although PC gaming may make the occasional appearance, design, films, television, music and anything else I feel like rambling on about. Currently this site consists of the blog, an about page and a contact page. At some point in the, hopefully near, future a portfolio should be added to the list of links along the top of the page, but when exactly that will occur I’m not entirely sure.

As this is my first foray into the wonderful world of WordPress—my past sites were built on Textpattern—I’d like you to browse around and point out any kind of bugs or missing features that I may have overlooked.

If you’re one of those slightly stalker-ish internet types you can read a bit more about me and the site on the about page, check out what music I’ve been listening to recently and which games I’ve been playing in the footer on each page. Along with this you can also check my last 3 Tweets and view my Twitter profile by following the “more updates” link.

So that’s it for this short introduction. Please browse around and notify me of any bugs or oddities you encounter either with a comment, or via the contact form.


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