A Year in Toronto

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First off, a bit of backstory. In July of last year I graduated from Liverpool John Moores University with a degree in Interactive Media. Straight away I had a two week placement working at Conker Media on content for the Hollyoaks Music Show (which was weird seeing as I refuse to watch anything to do with Hollyoaks). After that I kept up the job search and had another two week placement at Creative Lynx but no solid job offers.

Around the same time as the placement at Creative Lynx I became aware that I could apply for a 12 month Canadian work visa through BUNAC. Canada is a country I’ve visited many times as I have relatives near both Vancouver and Toronto as well as a very good friend who is also from Toronto. So after rushing through the application process I was granted a visa.

So now it is my last weekend before jetting off to the mysterious land of Toronto, Canada (yes I have watched Scott Pilgrim way too many times already) and I have decided that while I’m there I will try to take at least one photo per day and make at least one blog post per week. Maybe if I get into the routine I’ll actually be able to keep this going. I’m well aware that I’ve had a few ideas like this in the past which have lasted all of three days. Hopefully I will stick with this one because it would be nice to document this year abroad not just for myself, but also for friends and family.

I’m counting this as the first of the weekly blog posts. I’ll start doing the photos on Monday when my trip begins with a drive down to London (the flight itself isn’t actually until Tuesday but I have to check-in at 9am and not staying the night in London would mean an annoyingly early drive from Liverpool). I’m also tentatively planning on redesigning this blog bit-by-bit as I go.

I’m really excited for the trip but there is definitely a small part of me which is slightly nervous (although planning has gone pretty well so far in terms of a place to live and possibly even a job already). If I fail to keep up with this Project 365/52 thing I give you permission to beat me with sticks.


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